THE SMEČKA PODCAST - Part 21: Lada Sedláková

A school for dogs which dogs visiting not only from Czechia, but from all over the world too!

In the 21st episode of the "Smečka" podcast we would like to introduce Lada Sedláková, the owner of the Dameal dog school. Lada describes her work and the challenges that dog training brings her. She talks about how she works with owners, who are often complete laymen, and is able to raise them into responsible dog handlers in half a year. She emphasizes that every dog ​​is different and requires an individual approach.

Lada also shares her experience with international clients who come from various countries, including South Korea, the US, China, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. In her work, she focuses not only on training dogs, but also on educating owners so that they better understand the needs of their pets and know how to lead them properly.

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