PART 22 OF THE PACK PODCAST: The richest dogs in the world? Hundreds of millions in inheritance from their owners and dog influencers!

In the latest episode of our podcast The Pack, we take a look at the fascinating world of the richest dogs in the world. Learn about the Maltese dog who inherited millions of dollars or the German shepherd Gunter who lives in luxury with his own chef. We'll also tell you how celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Betty White provide their four-legged pets with luxurious living conditions even after their death.

We will also look at the phenomenon of dog influencers who earn hundreds of thousands of crowns for a single post on Instagram. For example, Jiffpom the Pomeranian, who has almost 10 million followers, or Doug the pug, who became a social media star and voice actor in movies. This episode will bring you amazing and sometimes unbelievable stories about how some dogs can live a life of luxury that many people can only imagine.

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