Do your summer plans include lounging by the pool? Then you should first clarify with your furry friend how to behave around him. Even if your pooch loves the water and jumps into the pond every chance he gets, he could be confused after falling into deep chlorinated water. So how to prepare him for water games in the pool?

You may be the first to think whether staying in chlorinated water is suitable for animals. This should not be a problem, but the more chlorine the water contains, the greater the risk of an allergic reaction. Also, pay attention to the amount of water drunk, it could cause digestive problems for your pet, so always have a bowl of fresh water near the pool.

If you want to swim in the pool with your dog, first find out if it's worth it. You can throw a toy at him and see if he is interested. The pool can be confusing for him if he is used to slowly entering the water. Never force the dog, just let him know it's okay if he wants to jump in. Definitely never leave him in the pool alone, the biggest problem occurs when the animal wants to climb out. If the entrance to the pool is only in the form of a ladder, the furries have no way to climb up and will need your help.

After swimming, it is recommended to wash the dog with non-chlorinated water to wash away the pool chemicals and dry with a towel to reduce the accumulated moisture in the coat.

In order to avoid inconvenience and to be sure that the dog is safe by the pool, we have some tips for practical aids. First, it is important to make sure that the dog does not jump into the pool without your permission. If you feel that the water will attract him, and you will not have control over the dog, it is necessary to secure access to the pool with a fence or a cover. Moreover, such security will also be useful for small children.

If your dog is not a good swimmer, but still loves being in the water, there is nothing better than getting him a life jacket that will keep him above the surface. The Moss life vest has a practical handle on the back, thanks to which you can easily pull the dog out of the water. It will also come in handy if you take the furry one with you on the water.

For non-swimmers or dogs who are just getting to know the water, a small inflatable pool can be great. It is possible that thanks to it, the pet will like the water so much that the next time he will jump into the big pool after you.

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