Many owners of the so-called he does not know the exact age of the shelter children. One of the signs of age by which they can tell that a senior dog panic is happening is gray hair. When do they start to appear and isn't it a sign that something is wrong?

99_1_starecek.png First, the dog's hair starts to turn gray around the muzzle. It is a natural phenomenon of aging, just like in humans. But since dogs age faster, gray hair appears much earlier. It depends on the dog. Some people are also proud of their pike without gray hair until old age, while others, on the contrary, start reaching for hair dyes already after the age of twenty. One thing we know for sure, unlike people, dogs don't really care if they turn gray. That is, only as long as it does not indicate a health problem. When should you warn?

A gray muzzle can sometimes be seen in very young dogs, even less than one year old. It will hardly be a sign of aging for them. The study, published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, found that dogs that suffer from anxiety, stress, are impulsive, have a fear of strangers, animals or sounds, suffer from premature greying. Again, this is the same case with humans.

Gray hair can also indicate a medical condition. They are e.g. a symptom of thyroid problems. So if you suspect that your dog's gray hair has come very early, contact your vet.



That being said, a graying muzzle is usually a sign that your dog has reached senior age.

This usually happens between the seventh and tenth year, depending on the size of the dog. For example large breeds can be considered seniors from the age of five. Small and medium breeds reach their age only two years later. The dog's genetics or color also play a role in graying. Some have a predisposition to graying from birth. And logically, you will notice gray hair much earlier on a black fur than on a snow-white Maltese.

Grays not grays, your pet's love will be the same, even if its appearance changes a bit.

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