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It's finally time to breathe - the hot days when you could only be by the water are long over. The leaves fall softly from the trees and the sun casts a magical light on the landscape. Golden autumn is a time for long walks through the colorful forest and cozy evenings. But also the time when you often don't know what to wear. Although the evenings are dark and the cold is spreading slightly, the days are usually still warm. Some days autumn is also gray and cold. Fog and rain move across the country and the ground may freeze here and there.

How to keep a clean apartment and car

In bad weather, dirt comes into the house. Doormats and absorbent towels help keep dirt away. Always have a suitable towel handy to dry and clean your dog after a walk. Blankets, in turn, help protect the bed for the dog from moisture and dirt. Car seats are best covered with a water-repellent cover. Absorbent and insulating mats are ideal as a liner for transport boxes for dogs.

Dog clothes - yes or no?

Autumn is the season of colds - even for our beloved four-legged friends. In most dogs, fur regulates temperature compensation. However, if you have a dog with a small undercoat, very thin or short fur, you should think about functional clothing. It is also possible that your dog's coat is not yet ready for the cold and wet weather. Coat change slows down, especially in older and sick dogs. Young dogs also freeze faster. Cold ground can be a problem for very small dogs. Lightweight dog clothes such as rain jackets, pullovers or inter-seasonal jackets are now in fashion. Note: if the coat is too thick, the dog has no chance of getting enough winter coat for really cold days. Therefore, less is often more.

Safety on the road

Visibility can save lives! Remember that it is already dark in the morning and evening. Rain and fog also often limit the view. Because drivers usually have poorer visibility than pedestrians, you should be extra careful in traffic. Reflective elements should not only be attached to the jacket; dogs in particular are often overlooked due to their size. Even if the dog is on a leash, an invisible dog can be dangerous. Illuminated collars and leashes, reflective harnesses, coats and collars help you get to know you better and can save your life.

What dangers lurk in the forest, meadow and field?

However, special caution is not required only in traffic. You should also be especially careful in the forest or in the field. Due to the earlier dusk and especially the time change, there may be more migrating animals. Deer, rabbits and the like retain their own sense of time and are increasingly appearing in "our" walking times. The nose of a dog that likes to hunt can pick up a trail faster in wet weather. Once he wasn't paying attention and disappeared into the forest. A satisfactory situation neither for the game nor for you. If you want to avoid the dog running, but still give him enough freedom, you can replace your regular leash with a much longer one.

Danger of poisoning

Pine cones, acorns, chestnuts and other berries are favorite chews for some dogs. Nuts such as walnuts or berries and mushrooms are also popular - but beware - larger amounts can be dangerous and lead to digestive problems or poisoning. If such "snacks" get stuck in the digestive tract, injuries to the mouth, esophagus or intestine, as well as intestinal obstruction, are possible.

Make sure your dog does not eat wild fruits or mushrooms. It is better to occupy him with small trainings or games.

Common symptoms of poisoning include:

  • Stomach ache
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • Increased salivation
  • Neurological disorders (convulsions / tremors)

If your dog has any abnormalities, you should definitely visit your vet and, if possible, tell him what the dog ate. Only then can he act correctly in an emergency.

By the way – fall is also tick season! Remember the usual precautions.

What you should take into account when grooming your coat in the fall

The coat does not change only in the spring. In autumn, the coat changes from summer to winter. It becomes stronger and longer again in order to perfectly insulate the cold. Regular combing removes dead skin and loose fur. Avoid frequent bathing to preserve the skin's natural protective film. Sebum provides the skin with the necessary protective film and insulates sensitive skin from cold and moisture.

Don't forget the paws!

It is also necessary to regularly check the paws for foreign objects or injuries. To prevent foreign objects from getting stuck between the pads, you should carefully trim the fur there. Especially in the case of table salt, care must be taken to ensure that no residue remains on the paws. Going between very dry heating air and damp and cold weather can lead to cracked paws. A little-used paw balm can provide relief here.

How to employ a dog indoors

When autumn storms knock on your door, it's all the cozier inside. However, it is possible that your dog sleeps a lot or becomes very bored. He would prefer to jump through the leaves outside. Thanks to games with alternative activities and practicing new tricks, you can entertain and tire your dog at the same time.

Search games are particularly suitable for this. You can also train your dog to be a useful helper around the house. For example, teach him to turn the light on and off ;)

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