Most dogs are pretty goofballs, bursting with energy from morning to night. Our daily task is then to get that energy out of them and to tire them out at least a little. Also, does it ever seem like a superhuman task? We all know that the most effective is a long walk or a run in the garden. But what to do when we can't go out with the dog? Whether it's due to bad weather, quarantine or any other reason, we have some tips for you to reliably entertain your furry friend indoors.


A very simple game that you can play anywhere. Even while waiting for the bus. At home, however, it will also help you entertain your furry friend for a while. You will only need a few treats and your palms. Put a treat in one of them, close both in a fist and set it to the dog. To begin with, leave the one where you have hidden the treat a little open so that the treat can be felt better. The goal is for the dog to recognize in which hand you have the hidden treasure and mark it with its paw.


Maybe you're a little freaked out now. Don't worry, you don't have to turn the whole apartment into an agility field or make obstacles. You can make do with what you have at home. Tunnel climbing is great. For this you will need two chairs or e.g. box, it depends on the size of the dog. You just throw a blanket over them and the tunnel is ready!

If the dog has never climbed it, teach it gradually. In no case do not force him into it. The most effective is to lure him there for treats. Repeat several times and after a while the dog will learn that there is no danger in the tunnel and that it is even fun!

You can easily build obstacles to jump over using a broom handle and a basket or empty flower pots. You can then increase the obstacle at will, depending on how the dog is doing. For this purpose, e.g. and toilet paper. You may have recently seen videos on the Internet of dogs jumping over toilet paper walls. First, it starts with one row, two and increases until the dog throws down the whole wall. But be careful if you have a slippery floor in the room. The dog's paw could slip while jumping and there would be a risk of injury.

PLAY 3. – the path of COURAGE

For many dogs, the biggest fear is walking on an unfamiliar surface. Maybe yours also avoids various grates, channels, grids, plastic covers, etc. on a walk. Such a fear can be easily relieved by training. At home, prepare a path for him from various materials - carpets, newspapers, plastic, in short, whatever you can find at home. Gradually teach him to cross the sidewalk in peace. Of course, have treats ready all the time as a reward.


You must have played this game as a kid. Now teach it to your pet too. Prepare three containers - depending on the size of the dog, they can be drinking jars and empty flower pots. Hide a treat under one of them and let the dog search for it by smell. After finding out where the goodness is hiding, he must also figure out how to get to it. But be careful not to chew the containers.

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