Until recently, it was quite common to let a dog live exclusively outside. On the contrary, it was unusual at that time for a primarily guard to enter a house, let alone to share a household with its owners. Today, we can't imagine that fur would not warm our place on the couch. There are still dogs that spend their time primarily outdoors. Only their owners think more about making sure they are comfortable there and have the best conditions for their stay. What are they?

The weather
The biggest enemy for a dog being outside is bad weather. It is important to protect the dog from rain, wind, frost and sun. In case of severe frosts, it is not advisable to leave it outside for too long, you should give it the opportunity to warm up indoors. The same is true in extreme heat. It is necessary to provide the dog with enough shade and constant access to drinking water.

If you have a dog that lives primarily in the garden, it should have a high-quality kennel and/or kennel in which it can hide from all the elements. The shed should be sufficiently insulated and should not leak into it. During bad weather, check the dog more often to see if the conditions are still suitable outside.

A few rules for a dog's long-term stay in the garden

In the summer:
- The dog must have constant access to drinking water. Light bowls that can be easily knocked over and spilled are not suitable. If you want to be sure that the water stays where it should be, dig a hole in the ground and put a bucket of water in it. The earth leaves her pleasantly cool.
- Always provide enough shade. In direct sunlight, the dog can easily overheat, which leads to fatal consequences.
- Pay attention to the paving, which is hot in the summer. The dog should be found mainly on grass.

In the winter:
- Provide the dog with a place to hide from the cold and strong wind. The already mentioned insulated shed will serve for this, where you can also place heating lamps.
- Quality clothing will keep short-haired dogs warm in winter. Preferably waterproof to keep the fur not only warm, but also dry.
- When it snows, do not use road salt in the garden and around your house, which can irritate the dog's paws.

Before you decide to leave your dog outside for a long time, consider whether it will be good there not only physically, but also psychologically. A dog is a social creature that likes to be in a pack, so more sensitive individuals might feel sad outside alone. Installing a dog door can work as a compromise, allowing him to come to your home at any time.

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