When an old t-shirt becomes a cleaning rag and a flat tire becomes a bumper, we like to talk about recycling. Converting old to new now has a different name: upcycling .

But what does upcycling actually mean?
Upcycling is when you create something new, different and of better quality from an old product or disposable material. A great example of this is the production of trendy bags made from plastic that otherwise pollutes the world's oceans.

A really exciting topic that HUNTER also liked to think about. New TIRANA toy series it was created with great motivation. Little Eco-Warriors are a combination of recycled PET bottles and upcycled wool and provide entertainment with a clear conscience.

How does it work?

The filling material of these little friends consists of PET bottles that are collected and crushed. The whole thing is then transformed in a special way into plastic fibers, which are used for polyfill.

Upcycled wool is used for the outer shell. The production of conventional wool uses enormous resources of water, energy and land as a result of raising and processing sheep. Post-processing after cutting also requires chemicals. Freshly cut wool must be cleaned and mostly redyed. The reuse of wool is therefore absolutely environmentally friendly and saves resources. Old wool is collected, carefully sorted into material and color categories and then crushed. The yarn obtained from this serves as the basis for new textiles.

Be active and help us improve the environment a little

Our little ECO-fighter TIRANA should only be the beginning of a new era of toys. We believe that soon there will be more in our range of upcycled products. And not only toys

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