THE SMEČKA PODCAST - Part 14: Erika Eliášová - she fights for the innocent faces

"Who, if not us?" She has a harsh message for bullies and all those bad breeders!

In the 14th episode of the Smečka podcast, we welcome Erika Eliášová, an inspiring entrepreneur and influencer who is tirelessly dedicated to helping abandoned and abused dogs. Erika shares her story and shows how to combine a passion for animals with business and social media, while keeping in mind the questions that many are not comfortable with.

Her energy and commitment to saving "mute faces" is an encouragement to all who want to change the world for the better. From her personal experiences with temporary dog ​​care, to juggling the life of an entrepreneur with the role of a dog mom, to her views on dog breeders and shelters - this volume is full of powerful stories, practical tips and inspiration for anyone who wants to help. Join us and find out how you too can be part of the change.

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