THE SMEČKA PODCAST - Part 16: Even dog owners sometimes need a lawyer. What if there is an assault, damage or divorce?

In the 16th episode of the Smečka podcast, we will focus on situations where even dog owners cannot do without the services of a lawyer. The guest is Jakub Svoboda, a lawyer specializing in representation in court cases, who is also dedicated to raising the public's legal awareness. In today's episode, we will address specific problems that dog owners may encounter, and we will present possible solutions.

We will cover what to do when your dog causes damage, how to proceed when a dog is attacked by another dog or a person, what to do if the dog causes damage and how to defend ourselves if the dog gets us into trouble with the law. We will also focus on what to do in case of veterinary malpractice, what documents to require from the breeder and what your rights and responsibilities are as a dog owner. Join us and get valuable information to help you better navigate the legal issues associated with dog ownership.

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