Have you ever watched your four-legged friend before going to bed? Then you probably haven't missed that his sleep routine includes some unconventional steps. Why does the dog scratch before sleeping? And for what reason does he lie down in a ball every time?

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned dog owner or you just got your first furry friend. In the course of a few weeks in the company of a four-legged pet, you will not miss that his evening ritual provides several important steps. We looked at their teeth and found out why your dog digs, spins around and curls up before bed.

While a person immediately lies down in bed, a dog takes its own place to sleep. The interesting thing is that the dog performs this habit anywhere before going to sleep - in the litter box, in your bed, on the blanket and on the sofa. Simply put, in all places he cares about raking. If we want to unlock this ritual, we have to go back to the past. To the time when wild dogs in the wild used to dig up the ground and make "nests". The resulting nests not only had a protective function, but also helped them regulate their body temperature. Although today's dogs no longer have to fight for survival in the wild, they happily adopted this habit from their great, great, great grandfathers.

Are you training your dog to spin for a treat? If you think that spinning is a very difficult command for a dog, take a look at his evening routine. You will quickly find that before going to bed the dog not only "rakes" the litter, but also turns around at least twice. In this case, too, it is a habit that dogs inherited from their ancestors. The feral dogs circled in order to suffocate the bedding and make sleeping more comfortable. It is interesting that even several thousand years later dogs have not abandoned this habit and spin in a circle even when lying down in the softest bed that is currently on the market.

It probably won't surprise you that the third evening habit is also related to canine ancestors. Many dogs still lie down in a ball, which is a position that was very advantageous for their great, great, great grandfather. In the ball position, they protected their vulnerable organs from the attack of the enemy. On the other hand, it is necessary to add that some dogs are slowly forgetting this habit. Especially if they feel safe and comfortable in your presence, then they also lie classically on their stomachs and some even on their backs.

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